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What you have purchased is exactly what you need for your in-season training, but what about your off-season training? What about the times you are just too busy to keep up with your regular training and you need a quick routine you can do anywhere? What about when you just want some more variety in your training?

This is the solution for goalies who want to be prepared for any shooter at any time.

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#1 – Ultimate Goalie Training VIP

This is the pro-style off-ice training program that has goalies saying…

“UGT helped me improve my lateral game by a huge deal. I’ve also developed better power and stamina to thwart those second-chance scoring opportunities!”

– Giovanni Fioramonte

“The UGT 3.0 has drastically changed my way of thinking in the off season. Whereas I spent hours and hours doing the classic “bodybuilding” kind of drills including chest days, and never saw an improvement in my stamina and overall fitness on the ice, I already saw great improvements after a couple weeks of UGT. It makes a real athlete out of you and gets you in the shape you want to be in to master any kind of sport, not only goaltending.”

– Martin Rabanser

  • All modules are delivered up front with your purchase today, typically they are delivered over a 6-month period
  • Access to the private VIP Facebook page where you can ask questions directly and post your successes

A $300 value


#2 – Rapid Response Goalie Training 2.0

The Best Selling “go-to” training program for goalies who are too busy to keep up with the pro-style training program.

“RRGT helped improve my on ice ability to stop pucks and didn’t force me to give up huge amounts of time. All the work you put into it, you get out of it. Perfectly designed program.”

– Kayla Thompson

“RRGT If you want to be a better goalie then START here. Maria has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort putting together a game plan for you to succeed on the ice. Now it’s up to you.”

– Wade MacQuarrie

“After using the system for as little as two weeks, my body feels better and recovers faster after games. I’ve also improved my range of motion and stamina.”

– Mark

  • Quick workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment
  • Makes another great in-season training option

A $97 Value


#3 – Access to the Goalie Stretch Solution

This step-by-step flexibility program is a great add-on to any workout AND a complete pre-game/pre-practice warm-up routine so you are ready to play your best from the second the puck drops.

  • If you need a more flexibility, this is a great stand-alone stretching program.
  • Follow along video so you don’t even have to watch the clock while you are holding your stretches.
  • A simple way to improve flexibility while decreasing your risk of injury.

A $27 Value



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This program is available seasonally and is not currently open for enrollment.  If you are already a member, you will continue to have access.

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