Did you know most hockey goalies lose momentum as the season wears on?

Here’s How To Boost Your Save Percentage By At Least 5% While Becoming The ‘Go-To’ Goalie In Your League This Season

(Even If You Skimped On Training In the Off-Season)

The IN-SEASON GOALIE SOLUTION is a simple training program that will deliver results while leaving you time for games, practices, and the rest of your life too.

Is your in-season training helping you gain speed and power, or is it just adding more fatigue to your already exhausted hips, back, and knees?

It’s no secret that it’s tough to balance everything during the season, and the last thing you want to be doing is wasting time on workouts that will only make you less effective.

In the IN-SEASON GOALIE SOLUTION, I show you exactly how to:

  • Minimize your time in the gym for maximum results, so you can play your best and still have a life
  • Develop the speed you need in the crease, so you are more patient, and making fewer desperation saves
  • Gain flexibility in your hips while building stability, so you can move better with fewer injuries

Did you know that 98% of the players I train come back to me at the end of the season weaker, slower, and stiffer than they were when they went to camp? They actually lose their edge as the season progresses.

Keep Your Edge All Season Long

I couldn’t wait to see my client Rich after his team won the league championships; I was pumped and greeted him with a big hug and congratulations.

Instead of the joy and excitement I expected to see in the face of a champion, Rich wore a look of disappointment and embarrassment. He told me that he only got one start during the semi-final series of the season and he got lit up so badly that he was pulled before the end of the first period.

He watched the entire rest of the play-offs from the bench, leaving him feeling like he didn’t get the chance to contribute to his team’s success.

Now, you and I both know that’s not true – a season is much more than just play-offs and Rich is a great team guy, so you bet he contributed all the way through. But that didn’t make him feel any better when he couldn’t be the go-to goalie who led his team through the play-offs to a league championship.

I was still proud of Rich, but my heart broke for him (his Mom told me she felt the same way). I don’t think it was Rich’s fault that he wasn’t prepared to go the distance; he had worked as hard as anyone in the gym all off-season and made exceptional gains.

He kept working hard in practice and was diligent with his team’s off-ice training sessions. In fact, he was one of the leaders as they ran stairs, did countless plyos and planked for minutes on end. He told me he could hold a perfect plank for 3 minutes. The team workouts were complete baggers, but he enjoyed pushing himself, so I am not surprised he excelled off the ice.

But on the ice, all that hard work was a big part of the problem.

Trying to train as hard during the season as he had in the off-season was a key reason that he couldn’t make it in the play-offs.

Rich didn’t want to neglect his training or work hard on the wrong things; he just didn’t know any better. He was working harder instead of working smarter. He didn’t know about the 3 Simple Steps EVERY goalie can take to gain momentum as the season progresses.

If you’ve made it this far, your story won’t end so badly. You will know exactly what to do to keep your edge, right to the end of the championship game.

This program is not available for purchase right now.

If you are looking for Maria’s most current off-ice workouts, then you are looking for the Shutout Academy


Laser Focus Your In-Season Training

As the season approaches its climax, you DO NOT want to suddenly discover that you are:

  • Weaker because you have been following a ‘maintenance’ program
  • Tighter in the hips because you are neglecting proper recovery
  • Slower because you are spending way too much time in the ‘stamina’ zone
  • Less focused because all of the above has left you exhausted

If you’re working closely with a trainer, they should already be right on top of this. But, during your next workout, have a chat with him or her about the 3 Simple Steps to make sure you don’t go down the same path as Rich.

If, like so many of us, you can’t afford the $85-$170 per hour to hire a qualified strength and conditioning coach, then you are responsible for piecing your own program together.

The problem I see time and again is that more often than not, a self-guided training program turns into shotgun training.

A shotgun is the opposite of what you need; it hits anything and everything in range, whether you want it to or not. It means you add a little bit of this, some of that, and a sprinkle of these ‘just to make sure’ you’ve got everything covered.

During the season, when recovery is essential to continued success, you don’t need a shotgun. What you need is laser focus.

So, with that in mind, I developed the


Sure, you could modify your off-season training schedule to use it during the season; it is an okay solution, but I guarantee you, there is no goalie playing in the NHL who follows a modified off-season program for their in-season workouts.

To get great results, a program designed specifically for the demands of the in-season is a GREAT solution.

It is like buying generic pads vs getting custom pads done up just the way you like them; okay vs. GREAT!

If you’ve stuck with me this far, then you are looking to have a GREAT season.

This program is not available for purchase right now.

If you are looking for Maria’s most current off-ice workouts, then you are looking for the Shutout Academy


Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Workout

So how exactly do you fit the IN-SEASON GOALIE SOLUTION fit in with your practice and game schedule (not to mention the rest of your hectic life)?

It’s totally simple.

Training Schedule Templates let you know exactly when to workout

The Training Schedule Templates cover various scenarios, so you can customize the system to your schedule (not the other way around).

Have two games and two practices per week? There is a template for that.
Have one game and three practices per week? There is a template for that.
Have weekend tournaments? You guessed it; there is a template for that.

You get 112 days worth of workout plans!

A $27 value


The Base Workout gives you benefits in 20 minutes

I bet you have weeks that get so busy you hardly have any time at all to fit in a workout. That’s why the In-Season Goalie Solution is built around Base Modules that delivers the minimum dose of mobility, strength, and speed. They will only take about 20 minutes out of your busy schedule per workout and you will still see benefits on the ice.

You get 16 weeks worth of training plans and I tell you what to do once you get to the end.

A $788 value (I earn $197 per month for program design)


Add-On Modules let you target your problem areas

Realistically, if we’re serious about our game, most days we can squeeze in more than 20 minutes per workout. Each Add-On module can be added to the base workout to let you focus on your own specific weaknesses.

Need a wider butterfly flare? Add a mobility module.
Feeling sluggish? Add a strength/stability module.
Feeling exhausted? A recovery module is just what you need.

A $247 value


Not sure how to do an exercise

No worries you can click on any exercise name or image in the PDF manual to see a quick tutorial or visit the online exercise library to find the exercise you need.

A $197 value


You Don’t Need Any Fancy Equipment

All you need to do these workouts is a bit of space and some dumbbells or resistance bands. A fully equipped gym works fine, but so does your basement or the back yard. You do not need state-of-the-art machines to become a great goalie (in fact most of them hinder more than they help).

Get rid of guesswork in your workouts and get all $1259 worth of training modules, add-on modules and training videos for only $147 $97.

This program is not available for purchase right now.

If you are looking for Maria’s most current off-ice workouts, then you are looking for the Shutout Academy




Why Should You Trust Your Season’s Success To Me?

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with lots of you over the years, but for those of you who are new to my off-ice goalie training systems, I am Maria Mountain, MSc, a Certified Exercise Physiologist and hockey strength and conditioning specialist.

Don’t worry; I’m not some self-styled internet guru who has never trained anyone besides their Mom and their best friend just before dropping out of college.

I’ve been training athletes for more than 20 years and have had the opportunity to help them achieve their goals and live their dreams. For some this has included Olympic gold medals, a Stanley Cup win, and World Championship medals. For others, like you, it means taking that next critical step toward reaching your true potential.

I make my living by applying the science of human performance to the art of program design and coaching. Yes, that’s right, I earn my living running Revolution Conditioning in London, Ontario, Canada. I am in the gym every day guiding athletes step-by-step through a proven system.

My special passion for helping goalies win more games with fewer injuries motivated me to start the HockeyTrainingPro.com website.

The more I heard about how you were training – using ‘As Seen On TV’ 90-minute training programs created for the average Joe or ‘Workout Of The Day’ programs that break your body down workout after workout after workout – the more I wanted to help.

You emailed me when you were continually getting injured, even though you were working so hard off the ice. Then you started asking for step-by-step training programs. You didn’t want to leave your training to chance; you wanted to follow a proven system. I pack the same knowledge and systems I use with the athletes in my gym into my online training programs.

This program is not available for purchase right now.

If you are looking for Maria’s most current off-ice workouts, then you are looking for the Shutout Academy


I Personally Guarantee Your Success

That’s why I am putting all the risk squarely on my shoulders and offer you a
60-Day No Questions Asked FULL Money Back GUARANTEE.


Your Success Stories Keep Me Going

Over the past five years I have helped thousands of goalies (no exaggeration!) in over 20 countries.

The Search Is Over!

“I searched far and wide to find a goalie-specific training program online, there’s nothing else out there half as good as HockeyTrainingPro.”

– Chris Gold

Totally Worth It!

“Maria’s approach to goalie improvement makes sense & it works, even if you can only do a few exercises a day for a couple of minutes – its worth it.”

– Byron

Noticeable Improvements!

My teammates recently said they are impressed by how my level of play has improved over the last few months. They know I have been doing training and they said whatever I am doing is working, and to keep it up!”

– Lauren F

Yes! This Really Works!

“I’m 35 years old and have used two of Maria’s programs. Since using the programs, my game has improved and I have not had one muscle related injury. The programs were easy to follow and delivered results.”

– Dwain

Easy To Follow – No Guesswork!

“It is important for me to have a schedule to follow otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start. So the programme has helped me a lot to get stronger and more flexible by telling me when to do which exercise.”

– Johanna Stabinger

Does exactly what it says.

“This program fits in great around a busy work schedule. Maria is always great at answering questions and helping you adapt elements if life or your no longer 20 something body is getting in the way! As a beer leaguer who is rapidly approaching middle age, this program really helps me minimise the injuries, aches and pains, and is a huge help in keeping me on the rink.”

– Tom Houghton

Doesn’t Take Too Much Time

“RRGT helped improve my on ice ability to stop pucks and didn’t force me to give up huge amounts of time. All the work you put into it, you get out of it. Perfectly designed program.”

– Kayla Thompson

Super Simple To Do

“Maria has put together an easy to follow step by step program to guide us towards better endurance, flexibility, range of motion, & most importantly better overall health. Maria thank you.”

– A.J. Giuliano

Stronger Endurance

“I play AAA hockey and am on the ice 5 days a week… I am quicker, stronger, faster and more confident than ever. The last thing I would like to tell other goalies is it isn’t the first two periods or the first hour of practice that you feel the difference (of the programs), it is when everyone else has lost a step, feel bagged or are ready to pack it in, that I am able to go post to post in the dying minutes of the game or do 15 rounds of shoot out at the end of practice. It is an awesome program, but only if you do it.”

– David Propp

Fantastic Program

If you want to be a better goalie then START here. Maria has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort putting together a game plan for you to succeed on the ice. Now it’s up to you.”

– Wade MacQuarrie

See Improvement – FAST!

“After using the system for as little as two weeks, my body feels better and recovers faster after games. I’ve also improved my range of motion and stamina.”

– Mark

Get It – Got It – IMPROVE!

Bottom line, get the program, follow the program and YOU WILL see IMPROVEMENT! Maria is always working on her game to help the player and goalie alike. She is constantly learning new techniques and passing that knowledge along. She genuinely cares about us athletes, no matter what the age.”

– Scott Taylor

No Pain – Everything To Gain!

My season’s GAA has improved a full 2.00 points since starting the RRGT program. Aside from the additional performance, I’m no longer being plagued with back and hip pain. The RRGT program really works.

My 1st save was a cross crease pass to a wide open winger. My jaw dropped when I kicked out my right leg and made a sensational toe save. Next highlight reel….the top scorer comes ripping down the right wing and takes a slap shot headon for the top corner when out of nowhere my glove hand whips up and snags it. He actually gave me a look and said, ‘Nice save.’”

– Bill

Simply The Best!

Kevin Beech“Before Working with Maria, I was suffering from constant Hip stiffness that was threatening my career and my ability to play at a high level. Maria has single-handedly saved and prolonged my career. For specializing in specific goalies needs, she’s the best I’ve worked with.”

– Kevin Beech

Frequently Asked Questions – Click On The Video Below To See How It Works…

This program is not available for purchase right now.

If you are looking for Maria’s most current off-ice workouts, then you are looking for the Shutout Academy


Still Have Questions? Contact Maria’s Super Awesome Assistant anytime at – help@hockeytrainingpro.com

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